Space Travel

I long since dreamed of having my own business and creating a space where I could inspire and teach others to develop their thoughts and stretch their creativity but here we are six years on from the opening of our gorgeous little place, in the heart of Clapham Old Town, a community who have embraced us and made us part of their lives.

So here we are on the launch pad of our next adventure. Keeping close to my roots and my feet firmly in the south, we are launching part two, ‘Balham Store & Services’. Like all adventures there are territories that were unexpected, despite the best laid plans. Many clients already know we have, at times, been on the brink of the abyss. Learning more about structural engineering and clean power than ever thought possible or indeed necessary but here we are ready to go and counting down. Lets hope Balham is ready for our lift off bringing all the fashion fabulous-ness, design, desire for service and lots of fun to boot.

‘To be the first to enter the cosmos, to engage, single-handed, in an unprecedented duel with nature-could one dream of anything more?’

-Yuri Gagarin, Russian Cosmonaut